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Dear Health Conscious Subscriber,

Having tight hips, lower back and joint pain can feel like a crippling condition.

You might not be able to play golf, work or even sit in the car for a 25-minute drive. No one around you can possibly relate to the pain you feel… and you can’t even remember the last time that you had a restful sleep.

For serious lower back and hip pain sufferers there have been few options besides pain pills and eventually total replacement surgery.

...And how are you supposed to lose weight and get the beach ready body you deserve with aching joints, muscles and tendons?

That's where this Mini Resistance Band comes in...

If you’ll let me, I’d like to send you this top-shelf, body sculpting, muscle toning resistance band – but I want you to have it…

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Sculpt your butt, abs and body like never before while also restoring your youthful mobility.

When you stretch, you elongate your muscles around the joints which helps increase the range of motion and in turn helps to avoid injury.

This unique light mini band prevents injury and facilitates gradual and gentle stretches that protect your muscles and make you more and more flexible each day.

Using this mini resistance band, you can...

  • Boost flexibility, open & unlock your tight hips: Become more flexible than you ever thought possible, warm up properly for exercise or unlock tight hips, reduce chronic pain in your lower back and boost your circulation like never before.
  • Activate, sculpt and tone your core, butt and abs
  • Feel young at any age: When you stretch, you elongate your muscles around the joints which helps increase the range of motion and in turn helps to avoid injury. The special mini band prevents injury and facilitates gradual and gentle stretches that protect your muscles and make you more and more flexible each day. Our mini exercise band will make you feel younger than ever with this new way to stretch
  • Effective for both upper and lower body training and suitable for any exercise level.
  • Mini-Bands can be used anywhere – at home, in the clinic or gym, or even when traveling.
  • Unique band technology uses snap-resistant, super durable elastic latex to boost your flexibility and get you the body you deserve.

You’re Getting This Body Sculpting Resistance Band for FREE.

Why am I sending you this mini exercise band for free?

I’ll be frank with you, it’s a bribe.

I will send this to you for free – yours to keep, no matter what. You see- I have something gravely important to tell you.

In just a moment, I hope to make you so angry you’ll want to take your computer and throw it through your wall.

What I have to tell you about involves the single largest health and medical scandal that’s going on in the world today.

It’s a scandal that — if you’re like most folks I know — is draining your bank account and worse keeping you injured, in aching pain, tired & preventing you from losing stubborn belly, thigh and abdominal fat.

Most people DON’T understand exactly what you need to do to remove nagging joint, tendon and muscle pain and restore youthful mobility.

...And even more people fail to understand that if you really want to destroy stubborn fat and restore your energy levels, you need to realign your muscles skeletal structure... and get out of pain first!

Everyone has been flying blind and they're fed up.

Even Most Doctors & Trained Pain-Relief Professionals Completely NEGLECT Certain “Pain Centers” Hidden In Your Body

These days, when you go to the doctor, it can feel like you’re being treated “menu-style.” One diagnosis from chart A… three prescriptions from chart B… we’ve all been there.

Sometimes it feels more like an assembly line than a medical office. And it seems like the bag of tricks is getting even smaller and doing less.

So, where can you turn to get the true medical breakthroughs that will actually help you heal?

It certainly isn't...

  • Swallowing pain meds (and destroying your intestines in the process)
  • Paying thousands of dollars to a chiropractor (dozens of athletes & celebrities have come forward and expressed their negative opinions on chiropractors - calling it a complete sham)
  • Constantly applying ice (This only temporarily reduces your systems and will NOT fix the root cause).
  • Stop Sitting (While we’d recommend sitting less — for many busy, working folks — this is extremely difficult in 2017.
  • Conventional Static OR Dynamic Stretching: Stretching before releasing the tension in your joints and fascia is a common mistake made by more professionals than you can possibly imagine.

Your Solution To Reduce Lower Back Pain, Unlock Your Hip Flexors & Rebuild Hurting Joints… in Just 7 Short Days

There is indeed a revolutionary new way to permanently eliminate chronic, daily aches and pains in your hips, lower back, knees and ankles once and for all… and coax startling new health and beauty out of your body - without exercise and without a diet. It requires absolutely no effort and takes just a few minutes a week.

Getting out of pain and becoming more mobile, flexible and agile at 60 than you were in your 20s is no longer some far fetched pipe dream.

Using a sequential stretching method, your muscles, tendons and joints will be opened up in proper order. For example, you should NEVER stretch your calf muscle first - even if that’s where all your pain is!

That's why I'm excited to bring you a new program for rapid, permanent flexibility so that you can experience relief from chronic pain and youthful mobility like never before.

Let me introduce you to the 7 Day Flexibility Solution:

7 Day Flexibility Solution

Inside the 7 Day Flexibility Solution, you'll discover:

  • The 5 biggest mistakes that 99% of people (even trained professionals) make that keep you in pain forever
  • 9 Easy Ways To Eliminate Hip, Knee & Lower Back Pain with foam rolling(You’ll feel like you just paid $250 for a expert orthopedic massage.
  • Why you MUST stretch your hips first - even if you have no hip pain!
  • 14 Powerful Pain Destroying Methods used in the 7 Day Flexibility Solution to quickly eliminate chronic lower back pain, tight hip hips and agonizing knee pain.
  • And so much more

Best of all, I’ve put everything together for you in an easy to follow, step-by-step program that you can simply “turn on” and use in your home and instantly remove any chronic pain.

There are 5 "Body Pain Centers" you can focus on as part of the 7 Day Flexibility Solution.

The 5 "Pain-Removing" Stretching Solutions

#1 - Hip Flexor Routine

We'll spend the most time unlocking and stretching your hip flexors, as they are the most complex and controlling factor in your overall mobility. These hip stretches are so powerful in fact, that they will help remove pain in your knees, feet and ankles.

#2 - Lower Back Flexibility

We'll work the lower back indirectly in this program but please don't get surprised when you realized how much healthier and relaxed you feel.

You see by targeting certain muscles sequentially, you'll allow your body to slowly release old knots and increase the elasticity of the muscles in your lower back, glutes and hips.

When any of these regions are tight and locked up, it will cause you to compensate when you walk, standup, sit...any movement at all. Compensation leads to systemic pain and by targeting your muscles in a very particular sequential order, you'll experience a trickle down effect relieving pain in places that were otherwise impossible to get to. 

#3 - Ankle & Calf Routine

Most folks grossly underestimate the amount of stress and tension that is caught up in their ankles and calves. We'll walk you through three routines here and you will become a "true believer" at just how much tension is hiding in your body.

I guarantee you'll be shocked when we start the first stretch. Quite frankly, it's insane.

#4 - Knee Routine

Similar to the lower back, it's not necessary to directly roll or even touch the knee to dramatically boost mobility and decrease chronic pain.

We're going to attack knee pain first by a process called kinetic chain enhancement -- which is a process in which we recalibrate the muscle/fascia and connective tissue for improved function and mobility.

Once the proper recalibration is established, we'll stretch the major muscles surrounding the knee to increase their elasticity. Remember, a loose muscle is a healthy muscle.

#5 - Glute Activation

I've saved the best for last. I call this my "least favorite, favorite stretch."

You see, there is a muscle that lies underneath your butt called the Piriformis. When this muscle is tight (and take it from is) it will cause you to have a sore lower back and hamstrings, poor balance, and even shooting nerve pain down your leg due to sciatica.

In fact, your sciatic nerve shoots through your piriformis. We'll attack it head on through the process of kinetic chain enhancement... and within the first three seconds, you will understand just how under-activated your piriformis really is...

But that's only part of it...because inside this program, you'll get access to...

14 Flexibility Solutions

The secret to the effectiveness of this program is the sequence in which we activate each muscle and joint. Stretching a cold muscle is, pardon my French, idiotic.

Yet most trainers and even chiropractors think that a few minutes of cardio exercise will do it... which is simply not the case.

Even dynamic warmups shouldn't be used as a primary method to warm the body up.

That's why, in the 7 Day Flexibility Solution, we're going to start with:

Self-Myofascial Release

Self Myofascial Release or SMR is a process in which we will apply gentle sustained pressure into your myofascial connective tissue.

This is done in a slow manner, causing your body's fascia will elongate, releasing muscular shortness and tightness.

Think of fascia as a layer in between your skin and muscles. Every bit of you is encased in it.

When your fascia is healthy, it's smooth and supple, allowing you to move and stretch to your full length in any direction, always returning back to its normal state.

Both overactivity and lack of activity will cement fibers inside your fascia into place. Chronic stress causes the fibers to thicken in an attempt to protect the underlying muscle.

Poor posture and lack of flexibility and repetitive movements pull the fascia into ingrained patterns. Adhesions form within the the damaged fibers like snags in a sweater, and once they've formed they're hard to get rid of.

By targeting specific areas of the fascial system, myofascial therapy is a more aggressive form of strengthening, and will provide pain relief if you're suffering from restricted flexibility and movement, thus allowing you to return to normal movement and greater function.

You'll experience an improvement in your skeletal and muscular alignment. (Essentially realigning your muscles and joints which have fallen "out of whack" from overuse and compensation).

We'll start with SMR on your:

  • Vastus Lateralis
  • Rectus Femoris
  • Lateral Gastroc
  • Piriformis
  • Adductors

Now, after your fascia has been properly warmed up and elongated, now and only now can we start stretching your muscles... through a process called:

Post SMR Static Stretching

There's a lot of controversy around static stretching -- lazy professionals will tell their clients to "stretch" and get warmed up. It's not entirely their fault, generally they have 1 hour to train someone and most folks don't enjoy spending half the session stretching and rolling around on the ground because it feels like a waste of time.

However, as anyone worth their salt will tell you, static stretching has it's place. When done immediately following self-myofascial release, static stretching becomes a powerful tool to boost mobility and muscle elasticity.

  • Kneeling Hip Flexors
  • Advanced Kneeling Hip Flexor
  • Calf Stretch
  • Advanced Calf Stretch
  • Achilles Stretch
  • Piriformis
  • Advanced Piriformis
  • Pigeon Stretch
  • Adductors Straddle

All This From A System Of Single, Relaxing Movements!

Once again, at the very beginning, you must understand that this completely revolutionary method:

  • Is not exercise
  • Requires only minutes to do
  • Does not make your muscles sore later on
  • Can easily be done by people of all ages
  • Is completely safe
  • Is non-fatiguing (instead, it refreshes and renews all energies)

This program is designed to be used to fit into your schedule. If you only have 20 minutes a week to perform these stretches, you’ll still see desirable results.

For best results, we recommend following this program 2-3 times per week. You’ll only need 15-20 minutes a couple times a week to see a major change in your life.

It’s quite hard to believe that…

You Only Have To Be Able To Breath To Do Them!

Let me repeat this vital fact again: The 14 simple stretches you are about to test in your own home - entirely at our risk - have already been proven by doctors… by physical therapists… by regular, everyday Americans. Their benefits are universal! They are a whole new world of physical well-being and mobility - without exercise and without diet!

We can tell you these facts over and over again. But it is only when you actually FEEL the first stretch - FEEL your body unlocking and opening up in ways you’ve never experienced… and FEEL the effortless energy and power flowing your body - that you will understand WHY it has changed so many people’s lives.

All you need to do to be able to perform is to be able to sit down on your butt and relax.


The 7 Day Flexibility Solution Is NOT For Everyone

I have to be frank with you here and give you a friendly warning so that you don’t waste your money or time.

While the 7 Day Flexibility Solution seems simple — it’s far more scientific than you could ever expect.

The stretches are designed for anyone to be able to do them and in just 7 days, you’ll experience more mobility, less pain and an overall sense of well-being.

I don’t want you to get caught up into thinking that this will be easy.

Many folks are too lazy to invest their time to do things that they know deep down will relieve and exterminate even the most frustrating pain.

If you’re not willing to spend at least 20 minutes per week on this stretches, please don’t order this program.

It’s not fair to either of us frankly and I have a reputation to protect here at MOFC.

But if you’re in serious pain or if you’d like to increase your mobility
and you’re ready to give it a solid effort, the 7 Day Flexibility Solution will help you get there.


Well, I’ll tell you something — it doesn’t care anywhere — as much as it should, especially considering the painstaking expense we went to create it.

If I was prescribing this system as a custom plan for a client or rich CEO/Athlete (which we've done before) we charge several hundred dollars. The 7 Day Flexibility Solution gets results, and wealthy professionals will pay for just about anything that helps them get out of pain and back in shape.

You can’t find this system at any book store or even on Amazon. Nor is there anything comparable available, anywhere. This is a one-of-a-kind system.

But one thing I am not is greedy. I’m not running some mega-million nutrition company here. My office is in the living room of my apartment in the sleepy town of Boston, Massachusetts. I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on fancy graphics, logos or “optimized websites,” just the basic information on what I’ve got and how you can get it.

I didn’t create the 7 Day Flexibility Solution just to take your money… I created it because

Hardworking Professionals Are Starving For It!

Hardworking Professionals are busier than ever in this day and age, and we need flexibility technology that older generations several decades ago didn’t need.

It just happens that the best research also is the most expensive when all labor, production & research costs are added up… In fact, just making this system costs more than the total cost you'd pay for other flexibility guide out there!

I’m telling you this because, even though this is one of the most expensive guides ever formulated for hardworking professionals (or any other person, for that matter) profit is nevertheless very small. I don’t need a lot, because we're not running a big show here in Boston.

Other companies use the classic “3X production cost” to price their products -- And I don't believe in those antiquated, blood sucking business practices. The profit on our guide is just a small portion of that, I don’t care what any “Wall Street price gouger” or “Economics PHD” would say.

So do you want it? Good. If I didn’t believe whole-heartedly with all my soul that you would want to try the 7 Day Flexibility Solution, I wouldn’t have bothered writing to you.

Once we created the 7 Day Flexibility Solution — we put our heads together to the task of brainstorm a way that we could get this guide in to every man & woman’s hands for an affordable price. Hence, by cutting out all of the nonsense, over-complicated scientific descriptions, we were able to condense this video training in to just 14 pain removing routines that will restore your youthful mobility, sculpt your abs and core and give you the pain free body you deserve.

You'll Receive The 7 Day Flexibility Solution Instantly Via Email Just As Soon As We Receive Your Order

As a bonus for acting now, you’ll also get a free fourteen day trial to the Advanced Training Program, a premium membership with brand new content once a month that includes health tips, exercises, workout strategies and more. At the end of 14 Days, if you want to keep it, simply do nothing and you will be charged $67/month until you cancel. If you choose not to keep your subscription to the Advanced Training Program, just send us a quick email and we won’t charge you.

You'll get the Perform Better Mini Exercise Band & The 7 Day Flexibility Solution for free. All I ask is that you just cover the $4.95 for shipping and handling. After we release a few thousand copies at this RIDICULOUSLY low price, we know that the barrage of thank you emails from satisfied customers will grow quite heavily…and we will HAVE TO INCREASE THE PRICE.

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lifetime-warranty-transparent-300x300Here’s how it works: Order your copy of 7 Day Flexibility Solution. If, for any reason or for no reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied - just send us a message and I’ll personally guarantee you get a complete refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

How can I afford to be so generous? Easy - since our founding, we've found that giving folks like yourself the highest quality products in the world and we know that it will make you come back time and time again.

Free Giveaway Expires In:

Save $74.05 & Get All of this FREE! 

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It’s all waiting here for you. No risk. Every penny back, promptly, if you’re not happy, no need to explain no questions asked. And… remember that the 7 Day Flexibility Solution video training comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.  So you don’t risk a single penny.

Here’s what to do now: Simply click on the “Add to Cart” button below and enter your preferred email address on the following page and you'll get instant access to the material.

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You're in a unique situation, but you must act right now to take advantage of it. I hope you do.

I sincerely hope to hear from you today.

Yours in health & vitality,

Tim Reiss
Publisher, MOFC

P.S. Go ahead and order this video training. Read through it and if in the first five minutes you don't feel like it will help you reach your mobility and flexibility goals, you can send just email us here and we'll refund your entire purchase.

Please don’t let ego or false pride keep you from claiming this incredible offer.

P.P.S. One more thing — it’s crucial. Because the 7 Day Flexibility Solution is being offered for $17 as a subscriber-special offer and I cannot guarantee that this offer will be available past the end of this week — . While were just a small operation, sometimes we get swamped with unexpected orders and it’s very likely that this offer will not be available tomorrow. So I urge you to order now & avoid losing out on the amazing introductory offer.

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Save $74.05 & Get All of this FREE! 

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